About Vision Mountain

Vision Mountain serves two distinct purposes:

Becoming aware of your essential nature and purpose sometimes involves passing through certain stages that come disguised as problems or crises. We offer workshops, coaching, and material to help you move through these stages as effortlessly as possible. There is a vast reservoir of gifts, talents and strengths within you. We can support you to recognize and develop them.

The manner in which one responds to personal and relationship problems and crises is a reflection of one’s state of emotional maturity at the time. As your growth toward emotional adulthood becomes more consistent and constant, you tend to see problems not as adversarial situations, but rather as portals to emotional maturity deeper levels of intimacy. We can help you see that ALL difficulties in your important relationships exist for one sole purpose: to lead you to a greater awareness of your essential nature, which is peaceful, joyful, loving, and unconditionally happy!

Through our workshops, trainings, evening seminars, and lectures, Vision Mountain serves to support you, the individual, as you grow in understanding of the true purpose of relationship, which is the purpose of life as well. You might say that the icing on the cake is that relationships reach deeper levels of harmony, intimacy, and true HAPPINESS.

The workshops and coaching sessions presented by Christopher are based on direct experiences of who you really are, and how you can connect to this experience right now. This may sound clichéd, but the Truth about you is that you are a magnificent being — so much more than you can possibly believe — completely immersed in this human experience. In order to have this human experience you originally needed to: 1) forget who you really are, and 2) hide all evidence of your true magnificence from your awareness. In effect you became the opposite of what you actually are.

Then one day the door opens and stays open. You realize that you are the ineffable being, experiencing the limitations of human nature, but you are no longer completely blind. You see your beliefs and limitations as mere facades — illusions that reinforce a state of spiritual amnesia. As the awakening and expansion dynamic continues, your life comes to be about:

Vision Mountain was created to provide information, workshops, and personal coaching to support you to grow in this amazing and transformative experience of a lifetime!